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Member name: Stevenlil
Member profile:
ICQ Contact: 628654456
Ripped over: 2 Amex CC Templates
Ripped amount: $150

Quick explanation: After completing a deal for 2 templates, he asked for 2 more amex. I have dealt with him a couple times over the last 2 years so I wasn't too concerned about him in terms of paying me back on time. He has however broken my trust and has avoided me for 12 days now.

(Screenshots can be provided upon request)

March 6th

9:00:47 PM amex: can u give me 2 more temp amex ?
9:00:51 PM amex: i give u lr tmr
9:01:00 PM amex: ok?
9:02:11 PM amex: bro?
9:02:17 PM AR!GOLD: which do u want?

9:02:38 PM amex: citi dividend
9:03:35 PM amex: and airmeils silver
9:03:56 PM amex: add 4 cvv code for me
9:04:13 PM AR!GOLD: ok.. give me 15 minutes,im eating ill brb
9:04:18 PM amex: ok
9:14:37 PM amex: u back?
9:16:53 PM AR!GOLD: ye
9:16:59 PM AR!GOLD: wht CVV u want ont he back?
9:17:54 PM amex: for the amex
9:17:57 PM amex: on front
9:18:10 PM AR!GOLD: wht u want me to put
9:18:17 PM amex: 8501
9:18:26 PM amex: 1245
9:25:36 PM amex: bro
9:25:38 PM amex: u done ?
9:26:08 PM AR!GOLD: which did u want again?
9:26:23 PM amex: citi dividend airmeils silver
9:29:44 PM AR!GOLD: ur going to use silver card?
9:29:51 PM amex: yea
9:29:58 PM amex: tmr i will buy white
9:30:08 PM amex: no work?
9:30:30 PM AR!GOLD: i sugguest u use the Gold airmiles for ur silver card
9:30:34 PM AR!GOLD: it will look really good
9:30:36 PM amex: ok
9:30:52 PM amex: but i dont have gold colour
9:30:59 PM AR!GOLD: thts fine
9:31:01 PM amex: gold papar
9:31:02 PM AR!GOLD: it will still look good
9:35:58 PM amex: hey u upload?
9:36:10 PM amex: just get me one black and 1 silver
9:36:28 PM AR!GOLD: i already started uploading those 2 temps
9:36:33 PM amex: ok
9:36:54 PM amex: i dont have gold papar
9:37:00 PM AR!GOLD: wht paper?
9:37:12 PM AR!GOLD: u mean card?
9:37:13 PM amex: the one u need for the cc number
9:37:15 PM amex: yea
9:37:23 PM AR!GOLD: wait i dont understand
9:37:29 PM AR!GOLD: wht dont u have?
9:37:51 PM AR!GOLD: u have a silver card… if u print the gold temp on it it will look very good
9:38:03 PM AR!GOLD: so whts the issue?
9:38:06 PM amex:
9:38:15 PM amex: the number is gold right?
9:38:30 PM AR!GOLD: oh u mean the foil
9:38:43 PM AR!GOLD: its not a big issue to use silver tipping on this
9:38:47 PM AR!GOLD: i never used gold tipping
9:38:55 PM amex: ok then
9:38:57 PM amex: i dont use
9:40:21 PM AR!GOLD: download photoshop now
9:40:27 PM AR!GOLD: so u can edit this if u need to
9:40:38 PM AR!GOLD: use piratebay
9:45:16 PM amex: i did
9:45:22 PM amex: did u finish upload?
9:47:08 PM amex: bro
9:47:10 PM amex: u there??
9:47:26 PM AR!GOLD: hang on man… im here, its uploading ills end it wen its done
9:48:57 PM amex: where maslinca ship the holo from?
9:48:58 PM amex: usa?
9:50:09 PM AR!GOLD: ye
9:54:35 PM amex: ok
9:54:48 PM AR!GOLD:
9:58:13 PM amex: cvv too small
9:58:17 PM amex: i will change it
9:58:52 PM amex: how can i change it ?
9:59:18 PM AR!GOLD: use the text tool… select the cvv
9:59:29 PM AR!GOLD: highlight it and change the size
9:59:40 PM AR!GOLD: brb i have to go downstairs for a bit
10:08:13 PM amex: ok
10:17:52 PM amex: hey bro
10:30:43 PM amex: bro
10:30:51 PM AR!GOLD: yes
10:31:05 PM amex: the signature is really light
10:31:22 PM amex: can u make darker?
10:31:32 PM AR!GOLD: which temp?
10:31:47 PM amex: both
10:32:14 PM AR!GOLD: open the temp in photoshop
10:32:19 PM AR!GOLD: find "Layer 4"
10:32:21 PM amex: ok
10:32:29 PM amex: yea
10:32:35 PM AR!GOLD: and change the "Opacity" bar at the top of the layer window

March 7th
7:49:18 PM AR!GOLD: u have the LR bro?
10:17:14 PM amex: can i give u lr tmr ?
10:17:24 PM AR!GOLD: ok

10:17:37 PM amex: dont worry i will give u
10:23:48 PM amex: thx

March 9th
3:17:47 AM AR!GOLD: u got it?
3:17:51 AM AR!GOLD: (the LR)

March 10th
4:36:46 AM AR!GOLD: ?
6:04:32 AM AR!GOLD: bro… if u say "tomorrow" i expect u to keep ur word
6:04:53 AM AR!GOLD: i want to cashout my LR, but u havent sent urs yet

This goes on like this until the 13th when he replies

March 13th
1:21:26 PM amex: hey
1:21:49 PM amex: I went to Montreal
1:22:01 PM amex: For swipe
1:22:07 PM amex: Just back
(I was away at this point, I msg'd him back in the morning)
9:41:06 AM AR!GOLD: can u send the lr now?

He hasnt responded in 5 days now.
Can this guy please be assigned ripper status?
He is avoiding contact on ICQ and has ignored the PM I sent him regarding the BlackList as well.

Last Activity: Today 12:34 PM
Current Activity: Viewing Thread - Your #1 dumps shop
Ninja its been 2 days... I've again attempted to contact via ICQ and he has ignored again.
He has no intentions of paying up, I think its time for him to get what he deserves.

Member since 2010, yet willing to forgo the asset this forum is for $150... pathetic.
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